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Project Workshop

«Become a scientist: how to be an effective researcher and present scientific research in the field of medicine»

An intensive practical course with personalized support for each participant


Learn how to design clinical trials and write systematic reviews

Understand all the stages of the research cycle from the original research idea to the submission of a research article

Master the basic tools and methodology for conducting scientific research

Be able to consolidate quickly and effectively all the knowledge gained from research seminars. Advise on and coordinate the research projects of trainees.

Strengthen your analytical skills and ability to handle different types of data

Be able to compile a good selection of training materials, templates and checklists to facilitate the development of your research


This is a course for those who want to take their career in medicine to the next level

This course has been designed and will be delivered by experts with extensive research and experience in academic publications

The projects that we will deal with on the course range from incipient surgical research to those commissioned by pharmaceutical companies. The portfolio that we will tap into includes over 400 publications in various prestigious international first and second quartile journals.

You will have a lot of practice

You will develop your own research project, enter it into an international registry, collect and analyze data, and then prepare to present the results to the professional community.  

To ensure that your project is of the highest standard, we have organized tutor support from experienced researchers. 

The course is suitable for you if

You are looking to develop a research career in medicine

Master the whole process of designing and implementing research projects from formulating a research question to applying complex methodological approaches. You will be able to apply these skills immediately when creating your research project during the course.

Intend to publish in reputable, international journals

Become familiar with academic publishing standards and basic strategies for engaging with medical publications. Our experts will provide personalized consultations during the process to help you prepare your first scientific article.

You want to establish yourself as an expert in the medical community

Understand the intricacies of scientific work based on examples of real projects. Together we will analyze various cases, highlighting both the more successful and unsuccessful elements. Discussions with colleagues at seminars will allow you to improve your presentation and discussion skills.

What you will learn

Identify an appropriate research method

Be able to select the best approach for your research objectives and design a study according to modern medical requirements.

Post a study on international platforms

Master the process and rules for submitting your project to the global registries Clinicaltrials and Prospero for the attention of the broader scientific community.

Apply the methods of meta-analysis and systematic reviews

Learn how to find, combine and analyze data from different sources and identify new patterns and knowledge based on them.

Collect, analyze and prepare data for publication

Master all the stages of working with medical data, from collection to preparation according to academic standards and finally publication.

How the training is delivered

You will receive a set of training materials and checklists

We will provide recommended literature and videos selected by our experts in advance. You will be able to systematically prepare for the seminars at your own pace. In addition, you will receive checklists which can be used for self-monitoring during the training process and later when working on research projects.

Your personal project is at the center of the training

You will independently develop a research project and see it through all its stages, from formulating a hypothesis right at the beginning to preparing the conclusions and publishing in a scientific journal. At the end of the course you will present the results of your work to your peers and a group of experts. Throughout the course, each participant is provided with a tutor from among a pool of experienced researchers.

Practical seminars in an interactive format

Our workshops are not just theoretical lectures. They are practical sessions where you will analyze real research cases, discuss them with colleagues and mentors. You will be not just listeners, but co-authors of the discussion which will help to deepen your practical skills, understand the subtleties of various research methodologies and scientific approaches.

Course program for developing researcher skills in medicine

Course program for developing researcher skills in medicine

  • Features of the workshop and organizational issues. 
  • Introduction of the experts and introduction to the participants.
  • Answers to questions from course participants.
  • Why a doctor needs research and how to find ideas in the clinic and beyond.

What the experts say

Answering the questions

You will be taught by a team of experienced faculty and researchers under the guidance of course author Dmitry Enikeev —  Professor at Sechenov University, Visiting Professor at Vienna Medical University, Karl Landsteiner Institute of Urology and Andrology, member of the European Association of Urology team in the Urotechnology Section (ESUT).

Dmitry Enikeev is a member of the editorial board of Current Opinion in Urology, published in European Urology, British Journal of Urology, World Journal of Urology, European Urology Oncology, European Urology Focus, Journal of Endourology and others.

  • 3500+ surgical procedures;
  • 200+ scientific publications;
  • 21 Hirsch Index;
  • 15 clinical trials;
  • 50+ presentations at international conferences.


If you would like to participate in this course or help organize parts of the course for a group of trainees, then please get in touch

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